Catalyst's clients find better and faster results at comparable rates, closer to home

The Catalyst promise is better and faster Agile software development services, onshore and on-target. We make Agile effective through our unrelenting commitment to two key approaches: real-time collaboration and data-driven team assembly.

Catalyst's unique Moneyball-like analytics-based approach to team assembly is optimized to fit with each client’s organizational culture. (The term “Moneyball” refers to a specialized approach to analyzing baseball through objective evidence in order to assess why teams win or lose.) By using objective data instead of opinion to assemble resources, Catalyst ensures highly effective teams who can collaborate face to face at any client site across the US, or communicate in real time from Catalyst development centers in Maryland and Oregon. 

According to our Fortune 500 clients, this approach has delivered outcomes they weren’t able to achieve using traditional offshoring approaches: better, faster solutions at a comparable cost.