Working At Catalyst

Catalyst is looking for brilliant people who want to do amazing things in software. 

Heard that before? 

What makes Catalyst IT Services different is the “how” -- how we identify those brilliant people. We believe your resume won’t really tell us much. We’re looking for people who can blow us out of the water with what they can do … not with what they say they’ve done in the past.

A Different Way of Finding Developers and Analysts

For developer and analyst positions, Catalyst uses a unique model that collects non-traditional information about our applicants (think “Moneyball meets IT recruiting”), and then compares that information with past Catalyst rock stars.  It’s like Catalyst’s insistence on doing Agile development onshore – unconventional but inordinately successful.  Only a very small percentage of applicants are accepted. But for those who make it through, Catalyst provides an opportunity to work on the most exciting, interesting software application development efforts and a career trajectory that can move as fast as you can.  Our turnover rate is well below the industry norm. That means those who make the cut love it and stick around.  Catalyst does not care what your resume looks like. Catalyst does not care if you’ve worked at big-name companies. Or if you have fancy degrees. Catalyst just cares that you are or have the potential of becoming a rock star.  Interested in finding out how your inner rock star stacks up? To learn more, click here.

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Other Career Opportunities at Catalyst

For positions more senior than developer and analyst, we go through a hiring process that’s more typical (but not much less rigorous -- we’re passionate about building the right team).