Catalyst Talent Platform

Traditionally, hiring managers seeking software engineers have relied on resumes and certifications to determine whether or not the engineer would be likely to succeed. That very imperfect model has led to two problems. First, those indicators are not necessarily great predictors for whether or not someone will be an engineer who will perform at an exceptionally high level, understand the broader company, products, and customers, and be a responsive, effective partner to every constituency inside an organization. Second, that model led to exceptional engineers being screened out or undervalued inappropriately, leading to much longer time to hire for the necessary engineering roles.

It's difficult to break old habits, but "this is the way we've always done it" no longer works in a business climate where IT innovation is critical to company success and exceptional developers are increasingly difficult to find. But breaking old habits is essential if IT (and the CIO) is to not only support but also drive business strategy and generate positive business outcomes.

Catalyst’s Talent Platform, which has been iterated and improved over 14 years of use, is built on classic “big data” to use thousands of variables on individual engineers and their engineering outcomes to predict which engineers will be exceptional, will form phenomenal teams, and will deliver innovation and product development work that allows technical leadership to partner strategically with their counterparts elsewhere in the enterprise. Having analyzed and collected data on hundreds of thousands of developer candidates and the outcomes they've generated, Catalyst’s Talent Platform takes the guesswork out of developer hiring, dramatically accelerates time to hire for high performing engineers, and transforms the probability of performance in engineer talent acquisition.

Catalyst has pioneered the use of big data in the hiring process, with an empirical model that has been lauded by leading technology analysts.

Catalyst has perfected a unique approach to hiring/staffing that it calls its 'moneyball' approach. Rather than using standard industry indicators to determine qualification for hiring IT staff/programmers - which invariably drive up the cost of labor - Catalyst applies data/analytics to hiring.

Catalyst's moneyball platform is a proven talent acquisition platform that identifies applicants who are most likely to perform exceptionally. With models that are trained for each client, the Catalyst solution makes use of a four step process:

  • Gather data about current developers, past hires and terminations, and developer outcomes.
  • Define custom algorithms to identify likely high performers.
  • Deploy the Catalyst platform and engage applicants in the model.
  • Continually monitor hiring results and outcomes in order to refine and optimize algorithms, generating a feedback loop that accelerates enterprise transformation.
  • To learn more about the Catalyst Talent Platform and how Catalyst's unique moneyball model can dramatically accelerate time to hire exceptional engineers, please contact us at 410-385-2500 or click here.