Insurance & Financial Services

Regulatory requirements, empowered consumers, time-to-market pressures, and cost constraints are creating a perfect storm that is exerting tremendous pressure on the insurance and financial services industries. At the same time, this is an industry ripe for innovation in customer service and new products. Information technology is central to driving these changes.  Key trends affecting application development in these industries include:

  • Mobile device growth and mobile self-service
  • Business intelligence / use of Big Data
  • Increased need for governance, risk, compliance, transparency, reporting
  • Data security and privacy regulations
  • Cloud computing

Onshore Agile Application Development for the Financial Services & Insurance Industries

Catalyst’s experience with insurance and financial services firms, combined with its bench strength in Agile software development, can help companies of all sizes – from the start-up Davids to the multinational Goliaths – use technology in smart ways to evolve and thrive.  Learn more about Catalyst's solutions.

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