Catalyst CEO Presents at Two October Big Data Conferences

October 09, 2014
By: Catalyst DevWorks - Baltimore, MD

Michael Rosenbaum Will Present at Rock Stars of Big Data Analytics and the 2014 Strata Conference

Catalyst Chief Executive Officer Michael Rosenbaum will present at the 2014 Strata Conference in New York City, October 15 and the Rock Stars of Big Data Analytics seminar held in San Jose on October 21.

At the 2014 Strata Conference, Rosenbaum will present as the CEO of Pegged Software. The session, Reducing Employee Turnover by 75%: Applying Data and Predictive Analytics to Hiring and Team Assembly, will examine the rapidly growing industry of applying emerging data techniques to hiring and team assembly. Rosenbaum will cover the methods used and results achieved in several verticals including healthcare, application development and business process outsourcing. He will also explain the strengths and weaknesses of the different techniques and discuss the specific outcomes and adoption challenges of several enterprise case studies.

At the Rock Stars of Big Data Analytics seminar, Rosenbaum will present the session How Big Data is Reducing Workforce Turnover. Rosenbaum will discuss the ways big data and analytics are used to transform hiring and team assembly. He will examine platforms used in hiring and team assembly in healthcare, software development and call centers, how those platforms operate, what their adoption challenges are and what outcomes they’ve achieved. Examples will be taken from hospital systems including, Adventist Health and LifeBridge and software engineering and product development efforts implemented by Starwood Hotels, Red Hat, Cambia Health and a Fortune 500 sports apparel company.

“Traditional approaches to hiring and team assembly are rife with institutional or personal bias,” said Rosenbaum. “By applying big data and analytics to the process, enterprises can transform business outcomes and reduce the costs associated with lowered productivity and higher turnover. They can also increase the quality, value and fit of each employee. Enterprises not taking advantage of these developments in technology and data science to transform their workforces will ultimately be left behind in their respective markets.”

Session information
Title: Reducing Employee Turnover by 75%: Applying Data and Predictive Analytics to Hiring and Team Assembly
Date: Wednesday, October 15
Time: 3:45 p.m.
Location: E 20/E 21 at the Javits Center, Santa Clara, Ca.

Title: How Big Data is Reducing Workforce Turnover
Date: Tuesday, October 21
Time: 3:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Location: San Jose Civic Auditorium

The 2014 Strata Conference held in New York City is where big data’s most influential business decision makers, strategists, architects, developers and analytics gather to shape the future of their businesses and technologies. This year’s seminar will include sessions focused on security, ubiquitous computing, collaboration, peer analytics, building data teams and machine data.

Rock Stars of Data Analytics seminar presented by IEEE Computer Society brings together big data experts to analysis, share experiences, case histories and real actionable data while offering attendees the opportunity to network, undertake problem-solving and develop their own ideas towards the implementation of big data.

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