Catalyst Sponsors 2014 Gartner AADI Summit

November 20, 2014
By: Catalyst DevWorks - Baltimore, MD

Catalyst will be a sponsor at the 2014 Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration (AADI) Summit in Los Vegas, Nevada, December 8-10. The Catalyst team will be available in Booth #209 to discuss their unique approach to onshore assembly and sourcing of application development teams. It will also share real-world results that demonstrate 75 percent faster delivery and 55 percent lower defect rates at one-third the cost as compared to other outsourced vendors.

“The need for speed, proximity and participation by technologists has forced enterprises to reconsider delivery models,” said Michael Rosenbaum, CEO of Catalyst. “A bi-modal view of IT, one which distinguishes between ‘Mode 1’ IT services such as application maintenance and monitoring and ‘Mode 2’ workflows of innovation and differentiation that require speed and close working relationships with various stakeholders, leaves enterprises with an important choice in application development. They can rely solely on traditional global services partners that are well suited to running the business, but less so in progressing innovation. Or they can think of these ‘run’ or Mode 1 workflows separate from innovation and differentiation. Catalyst's model of applying data to team assembly is a solution to these latter Mode 2 workflow demands by enabling an onshore software engineering response within 24 hours."

The Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit is the single most important presentation of Gartner insight across applications priorities each year. This year’s theme is Innovate, Transform, Accelerate: Powering the Digital Future and will bring forty Gartner analysts and hundreds of application professionals together. The latest app strategy insight on mobile, cloud, analytics, user experience and APIs will be shared and new tools for legacy integration. Deliver digital-age innovation and get ahead of the competition at the AADI Summit. Additional information is available here.

About Catalyst
Catalyst provides onshore agile application services working with clients onsite or from development centers in the United States. Catalyst is an innovator in applying big data to team assembly in order to ramp capacity rapidly and transform productivity and quality, delivering better results at comparable or lower prices than major global services providers. For further information regarding the Catalyst, please visit