Moneyball Meets Agile

Catalyst can provide 2 full IT dream teams anywhere in the US within 24 hours

Communication and collaboration are at the heart of every successful project. This is especially true with software development, where team members are expected to work fast, manage constant change and share critical information in complete projects on time and up to spec.

Yet even for the most important enterprise projects, team members are still usually chosen based on perceptions, not objective assessments, of their skills, experience and ability to fit with the requirements. This can lead to teams that don’t work well together or communicate effectively with their client.

Assembling Teams Using Data, Not Opinion

Catalyst has found a way to emphasize objectivity over subjectivity when it comes to creating the right team for each client. We borrow from the world of professional baseball by using an approach very similar to “Moneyball” – a nickname for the highly specialized, data-centric analysis of baseball that favors objective evidence over opinions to assess why teams win or lose.

Our proprietary software algorithms convert our client’s organizational culture into a quantifiable, measurable and predictable process and to look at each team member’s performance instead of simply credentials, which frequently do not in any way predict delivery excellence. The result is highly skilled teams custom-tailored to each client.

This approach, combined with the Catalyst methodology, assures team performance that is:

  • highly productive
  • consistent
  • repeatable
  • informed
  • enabled
  • onshore, yet comparable to the cost of offshoring

Full Scrum Team Anywhere in the US in 24 Hours

Part of Catalyst's key to exceptional performance and productivity is our structural ability to provide jaw-dropping customer responsiveness. Catalyst always maintains the ability to deploy two full Scrum teams anywhere in the United States within 24 hours. Powered by Catalyst’s Moneyball-like data-driven team assembly models, this responsiveness accommodates rapid changes of direction, response to surprise changes of direction, and other needs.

No other development partner can deliver in this way, and many clients rely on their partnership with Catalyst for this capability. Learn more about Catalyst clients.