With Catalyst, clients get quality of work that is beyond what global services providers can deliver

Transformational Outcomes

Catalyst’s unique approach to IT services delivery enables outcomes that can help transform the way a company operates. The ability to develop solutions on time and according to spec is enhanced by collaboration – we work closely and iteratively with clients to constantly refine the solution being developed.

Here are a few examples of outcomes that the Catalyst approach has enabled:

  • A failed offshore project supporting an important new consumer product for a Fortune 500 sports apparel maker was turned over to Catalyst, who turned it around and delivered it onshore, on time and beyond expectations
  • A prominent health insurance company faced rapid changes to its business that demanded new product development to support medical device offerings it planned to offer, as well as significant data warehousing and business intelligence efforts. Catalyst’s ability to respond same day and at an exceptional and consistent level allowed the client not only to survive but to thrive in today’s fast-changing healthcare environment
  • A Fortune 500 telecommunications company offering additional services to clients of its business-critical application hosting services struggled with collaboration and efficiency issues with its offshore developers; Catalyst delivered a range of development and analysis services that allowed this telco leader to provide a more complete set of product offerings, respond to customer requests within 24 hours, and thrill its customers with the ability to partner on a full range of virtualization services