Proven Methodologies

Agile Software Development for the Enterprise

Unlike many Agile software development implementations, Catalyst’s projects reflect a proven track record of using Agile to develop custom applications at an enterprise level. A big part of our success comes from the methodology we use:

Employee Boot Camps

Catalyst’s onboarding methodology enables us to build enterprise-ready teams that can hit the ground running. During the rigorous onboarding period that all new team members go through full time for 14 to 20 weeks, Catalyst takes a boot camp approach where teams complete stylized versions of engagements that the company has completed in the past. By giving teams high-pressure work on actual past client projects, Catalyst ensures that they develop the mutual relationships that are so critical to team performance, and can apply our approaches consistently.

Immersive Solution Development

Catalyst’s approach immerses it deeply in a client’s organization. This makes it possible for Catayst to work consultatively in identifying pain points through diagnosis, constant prioritization, shared accountability and flexible delivery options. Through this approach builds trust and gives Catalyst developers a deep understanding of the cultural dynamic of an organization.

Scrum -- Agile Sprints

Because Catalyst is one of the leading practitioners of Agile software development, it is optimized to help client organizations move to or more fully embrace Agile cultures and methods.

The process starts with the assignment of a product owner at the client. Our delivery team then counsels the client on methodology if one has not already been adopted; Catalyst also ensures a match between the culture of our team and the client’s culture. Project delivery follows, typically consisting of two-week sprints, with bi-weekly sprint planning sessions and daily stand-ups that can involve the client at a variety of levels depending on the client’s culture, interests, and needs.