Agile Development

Gaining optimal value through an Agile approach to software development can be challenging. Your team may lack Agile experience. Communications with offshore resources may be frustrating. Typical Agile boutiques may seem arrogant and difficult to work with.

Effective collaboration is at the heart of overcoming these challenges. At Catalyst, we have found that there are four make-or-break factors needed to optimize collaboration and results on any engagement:

  • Location: Developers onsite or in the same time zone
  • Fit with corporate culture: Similar organizational norms, communication styles, business model understanding, and adaptability to change
  • Partner compatibility: Provider that is flexible and committed to client satisfaction
  • Delivery satisfaction: Demonstrated track record with enterprise organizations

Catalyst makes Agile work by offering skilled A-teams who fit in seamlessly and collaborate effectively, either face-to-face onsite or in a combination of onsite and onshore. We do so by applying a unique Moneyball-like model – using analytics based on data rather than perceptions -- to recruit talent and assemble highly skilled teams custom-tailored to each client. These teams can then be located onsite with the client or at Catalyst’s onshore development centers in Baltimore, MD and Portland, OR.

Better, Faster Results at a Cost Equivalent to Offshoring

Using analytics offers a further advantage: it enables Catalyst to look at performance instead of simply credentials, which may or may not predict high performance. This ability to identify top performing teams allows us to deliver at a cost typically equivalent to an offshore provider.

Catalyst’s Fortune 500 clients report that Catalyst delivers outcomes they weren’t able to achieve with conventional offshored services—better and faster results at comparable rates.