Application Services

Agile Software Development (Onsite or Onshore)

Catalyst defines, designs, and builds efficient, high-quality, and easy to maintain and integrate applications that help enterprise-level organizations meet their most critical business and technology objectives. Catalyst’s ability to leverage Agile methodologies with clients face-to-face onsite or in a combination of onsite and onshore, combined with our unique use of analytics for team assembly, enables us to deliver higher quality applications in less time than an offshoring approach. For more information, see Agile Software Development.

Application Maintenance, Management, and Support

Catalyst application specialists can make sure your enterprise systems run seamlessly and adapt to changing technologies, while remaining aligned with your business needs. Our ability to deliver Agile methodologies on shore and on-target at an enterprise level, allows for surprisingly high standards on service level agreements, including faster than expected turnaround times.

Systems Integration

Systems integration is at the heart of the modern enterprise, but it requires a deep understanding and strong relationships with numerous constituencies inside an organization. Our ability to use Agile methods and co-locate brings order to the organizational chaos of marrying many complex parts into a single unified solution.

Application Modernization

The building blocks used to create applications evolve much faster than other technologies. It is not uncommon for an application to be using obsolete technologies within a year or two of its release. Catalyst is a premier-level partner with leading platform companies that include Oracle and Microsoft, and we can apply this knowledge to help your organization benefit from new technology products and features.

Architecture Assessment and Design

.NET, Java, Oracle, SAP, MAC, Linux, SharePoint, Documentum -- the days of working with one platform are long gone. Creating a cohesive and relevant solution architecture is a core part of any infrastructure, and architecture design is a core Catalyst competency.

Independent Verification and Validation

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Catalyst has in-depth experience improving quality and reducing the cost of software and systems releases.

Functional and Automated Testing Services

Your software is great and ready for release, but has it been validated by an independent source? Catalyst’s team of QA experts can provide rapid response, variable-cost IV&V. Catalyst has deep experience both in functional testing and in automated testing, with a particular focus on Selenium, J-Meter, and the Mercury suite.

Our infrastructure and licensing is available to clients at no additional charge, so we can help you take advantage of the benefits of automated testing without the significant capital costs frequently associated with it.

Quality Assurance and Process Analysis

Catalyst’s ISO 9001:2008-certified quality practice can help you make the most efficient use of leading QA processes -- from SDET services to continuous integration to automated testing -- to help you increase the quality and decrease the costs of building, deploying, and supporting your product or system.

Technical Documentation Verification and Development

Increase the robustness of your systems and insulate yourself from one of the hidden costs of turnover by ensuring that all your critical systems are documented for both technical and end-user groups. Catalyst’s technical documentation expertise is available either as a standalone solution or in combination with our other offerings.