Cloud Development

"Cloud computing" has been a buzzword for several years, but only recently have enterprises executing on cloud strategies begun realizing measurable business value from cloud deployments. Today, enterprises worldwide are migrating existing systems and building new applications designed to take advantage of the cloud's promise for flexibility, capacity, manageability and cost-effectiveness. However, legacy applications cannot just be ported to a cloud environment and be expected to work flawlessly, and designing and developing for the cloud requires different skillsets and approaches than building traditional applications.

When developing for the cloud, it is critical to understand how a solution should be architected (or re-architected) to take advantage of benefits like multi-tenancy and scalability, while not losing sight of the data divides that exist between users and the hosted environment, between the hosted application and its dependencies (external resources), and between servers within the hosted environment itself. Since the early days of AWS, when Catalyst built a personal financial tool based on remote/web services and hosted in Amazon EC2, Catalyst has demonstrated the expertise needed to help organizations effectively leverage the cloud and its benefits.

Catalyst offers the following cloud development services:

  • Analyze and identify cloud approaches that will best meet enterprise needs, including determining which applications are best-suited for cloud vs. on-premise deployment.
  • Architect and develop solutions that leverage the latest cloud technologies.
  • Re-architect and refactor legacy applications for seamless cloud migration.
  • Use agile methodologies and onshore/onsite resources to develop and deploy unified solutions that deliver on the promise of cloud.

Catalyst works closely with its clients to identify a best-fit approach to cloud migration and development that ensures interoperability and high user satisfaction. Our experience and expertise help us deliver high performing, high value systems even with the most complicated of cloud deployments.