As enterprises strive to keep up with the rapid convergence of digital technologies – social, cloud and mobile – they are necessarily rethinking how applications and data are delivered to their users. The rise of mobility and the popularity of smartphones and tablets among both corporate and customer IT users is driving unprecedented growth in mobile application development.

Mobility requires a thoughtful and responsive development approach that accounts for the preferences of users, user satisfaction and desired user behavior. Successful mobile development requires an understanding of devices, networks and operating systems. As a result, it can be difficult to find and cultivate the necessary skillsets required to successfully architect, develop and deploy mobile applications.

Mobile Application Development and Onshoring

Building applications for mobile platforms is complex because it requires developers to account for a range of different devices, operating systems, network carriers, network types (e.g., 3G vs. 4G), and constant changes in a mobile user’s location. Adding to these complexities are end-user expectations of immediacy and comparable functionality and performance to PC and browser-based applications, despite the inherent constraints of mobile networks such as bandwidth, latency and jitter.

With mobile applications in particular, rapid release cycles and requirements to continually improve end user experience have exposed the limitations of conventional development approaches (waterfall) and sourcing models (offshoring).

Onshore agile development practices support frequent iterative releases and remove communication and time zone barriers common to offshoring that block real-time collaboration and rapid building of trust between developers and line of business or project owners..

Catalyst and Mobile Application Development

Catalyst is helping clients throughout the United States implement a “mobile-first” strategy, leading and providing teams with expertise in enhancing and developing responsive enterprise applications. Our mobility work has ranged from helping develop one of the leading mobile advertising platforms to extensive iOS and Android development for CPG, retail and e-commerce businesses.

The Catalyst team has developed mobile applications that have helped a Fortune 500 sports apparel company expand its product offering and a Fortune 500 hospitality company greatly improve and personalize the guest experience. In addition, Catalyst was identified as a sample vendor in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Wireless Devices, Software and Services, 2013.

Contact us now to find out more about how Catalyst addresses the complexity of mobile application development and how our teams have developed mobile apps with an adaptive agile approach that quickly delivers value to both the enterprise and its end users.